South Park Ridicules Brett Kavanaugh, Roseanne, The Simpsons

[VIDEO] 'South Park' Tackles Apu Controversy — Cancel 'The Simpsons'

[VIDEO] 'South Park' Tackles Apu Controversy — Cancel 'The Simpsons'

Just three episodes into its new season, South Park has already taken shots at Black Panther, the Catholic Church, school shootings, Brett Kavanaugh, Roseanne Barr, and several others, including its long-time animated rival, The Simpsons.

The inclusion of Apu is particularly interesting since he was the main subject of "The Problem with Apu", a documentary from earlier this year that focused on why Apu's character is a racist stereotype.

Mr. Hankey was indeed subject to a freaky hearing that amusingly aped some of the more notable moments from Kavanaugh's recent testimony regarding claims of sexual assault, but with another timely twist: Mr. Hankey had been fired from directing the annual holiday pageant after a series of "offensive tweets" from his past resurfaced.

While Apu has always been a part of The Simpsons recurring cast, South Park has finally made a decision to address the rival's issue head-on, throwing the FOX series under the bus in the most devastating way possible. In a hearing that mocked Brett Kavanaugh, Mr. Hankey attempted to defend his offensive tweets.

Randy responds to the children by saying, "He'll have to find a place that accepts racist, bad beings like him".

As the quote concludes, the camera reveals the town of Springfield, where The Simpsons takes place.

Of course, the one character to enter the screen and greet Hankey is Apu, complete with his stereotypical accent. You can watch the ending scene in the video at the top of the page.

In retrospect, however, the truth was obvious enough, because it was right there in the episode's title: "The Problem with a Poo". "The Problem With a Poo".

Your thoughts on South Park's handling of The Simpsons' Apu dilemma?

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