Lady Gaga Writes Op-Ed About Mental Health Stigma

The high economic toll of mental illness

The high economic toll of mental illness

"Such children are at the risk of taking some of these illegal substances because within that period they can easily be preyed upon", he said.

Kufre gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja to commemorate the World Mental Health Day.

Meanwhile Lady Gaga's own Born This Way Foundation, which was founded in 2012, empowers youth by creating a safe space for positive dialogue around mental health and LGBTQ+ communities.

Whether I realised it or not I spent most of my childhood thinking about why my dad did what he did, not really understanding how mental illness or severe depression can take such a grip on someone. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds.

Also, the common man is over-stressed with family responsibilities and work pressure, and has less time to socialise and de-stress. "When we act locally, suicide rates go down". Mental health is a prominent issue in both countries and this is recognised in an article1 that draws attention to the need to improve the physical health of people living with mental illness.

Between 1991 and 2006, the proportion of healthy years of life lost to mental illness - including substance abuse and dementias - around the world has risen by about 40%, the report shows.

"Adolescence and the early years of adulthood are a time of change, moving schools, leaving home and starting work".

Health Minister Dr Duane Sands was in attendance and highlighted the increase of mental health issues and illness in the world.

The nurse commented that all of the topics were interrelated because "a person who is having problems with sexual identity or who is experiencing depression or a person who has been bullied often times it leads to suicide".

Mental health is said to be the most valuable thing that we pose with us.

"For me, with my mental health issues, half of the battle in the beginning was, I felt like I was lying to the world because I was feeling so much pain but nobody knew", she said in an interview with Vogue.

The Department of Psychiatry at Karpagam Faculty of Medical Sciences and Research held a continuous medical education programme on World Mental Health Day theme. As the Director of Nursing with the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, I see first hand the impact nurses have on people every day.

"Mental health is a very important issue and we should try to help young people to live happier lives without worry", said Seb, who raised more than £400 for Young Minds through a cake sale and by selling yellow headbands.

Peng said she still remembered when she asked the audience to raise their hands if they were afraid of mental illnesses at a Chinese community event in the Bay Area three years ago, nearly everyone of the audience raised their hands.