Instagram using AI to detect offensive photos, captions

Instagram is rolling out anti-bullying features

Instagram is rolling out anti-bullying features

Instagram is now using artificial intelligence to root out bullying in photos and captions, the Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing app announced Tuesday.

In addition, Instagram also added a kindness camera effect with teen author and actor Maddie Ziegler.

According to the reports, users have already learned to bypass the text filter on Instagram by posting a photo they tend to bully or harass or other such negative purposes, however, after this feature is rolled out completely, it will block off the bullying-related content completely. It's unclear what else the technology can detect and whether it would work on images without captions.

The initiatives are the latest efforts the coveted social media platform has made to stamp out online bullying. The Artificial Intelligence integrated within the app automatically detects inappropriate behavior and sends it for review to community moderators, thus lessening the occurrence of bullying.

The move will prevent users from posting defamatory notes as photos or images containing obscene, bullying or harassment-inducing content.

Following the departure of Instagram's co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in September, newly appointed VP of product Adam Mosseri wrote in a blog post: "As the new head of Instagram, I'm proud to build on our commitment to making Instagram a kind and safe community for everyone".

A few months back Instagram introduced a bullying comment filter which proactively detects it and hides comments from the feed. The technology that enables such detection was surveyed a year ago by Wired, which highlighted the company's inner attempts at machine-learning comment filters. To try the effect, you'll either need to follow Maddie Ziegler or find someone that has it and tap "try it". The rear camera shows "kindness" in multiple languages.

From today, Instagram also provides a new function with filter that filters out offensive comments - now you can enable it during online broadcasts.