'Halloween' Soundtrack Featurette Offers Teases of New John Carpenter Music

Halloween Poll

Halloween Poll

The new Halloween film, set 40 years after the original, features Curtis returning as Laurie Strode, who has spent the intervening decades constantly preparing for the day she will face Michael Myers again.

In light of several high-profile mass shootings, Curtis has voiced her support for gun reform legislation. Curtis is joined in the film by Judy Greer who plays Karen Strode, the daughter of Curtis' character, and Andi Matichak (Orange Is the New Black, Underground) who plays Allyson, the granddaughter of Laurie Strode.

Ms. Curtis said she's vocal about advocating for "common-sense" gun laws, like a ban on so-called "assault" weapons and a ban on bump stocks, but that she firmly believes in the right for Americans to own guns. And fully support the Second Amendment.

The network covered the news in the article: Jamie Lee Curtis wields firearms in new "Halloween" movie despite advocating for gun control. "And they have to renew their license just like we do with automobiles - which are weapons also".

Beyond the central point of gun control, which is a debate still raging in pop culture and in all culture, Curtis also further drove home the point that she's playing a character, and characters exist in stories that are driven by conflict. Interestingly, it sounds as if the movie wouldn't have happened without her.

"The strategy of the soundtrack was I took my cues from the director, David Gordon Green, who in spotting sessions told me, "I want something here, I want something there, '" the filmmaker confirmed". "I have to be responsible for my own personal choices in my own personal life".

Before shooting the film, which premieres in theaters October 19, Ms. Curtis steered production away from her character stockpiling a cache of weapons, she told USA Today. "And honestly, if I had made my career as a pacifist actor, I would never have worked, ever".