Ben Affleck Signs For New Movie With Gavin O'Connor

James Gunn to Write & Possibly Direct New Suicide Squad Movie

James Gunn to Write & Possibly Direct New Suicide Squad Movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker was contacted by DC Films and Warner work on the sequel to Suicide Squad. They also, along with io9, added a far more interesting bit of information to the mix: Gunn's take on Suicide Squad might not be a direct sequel to David Ayer's 2016 film with Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto. The Guardians of the Galaxy cast came to Gunn's support, but apparently to no avail. Then again, Gunn's fresh perspective on the DC IP might simply result in some quirky humor reminiscent of the wit found in the Guardians of the Galaxy duology.

We should reiterate that, at the moment, Gunn has only been hired to write the next Suicide Squad. But it also looked like O'Connor was moving on to reteam with Ben Affleck on the sports drama The Has-Been.

One signature Suicide Squad element missing from the first movie was the team's MO for going on clandestine missions that a group of heroes like the Justice League wouldn't even touch - assassinations, political sabotage, and that kind of unsavory stuff. The project doesn't have a release date yet, but is expected after Cathy Yan's Birds Of Prey, which is scheduled for 2020. In addition to disappointing fans by severing ties with Gunn due to the jokes he made on Twitter about rape and pedophilia years before he was hired by the studio, their quest to find a replacement director for the planned Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 proved so hard that the film was delayed indefinitely. As Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige once said, "Certainly the success of Guardians just boosted our confidence to continue to go in new, fun, weird directions ... to continue to expand and do really unique and really different tonal things". "Gunn has closed a deal to pen the script". Nothing but originality from this guy. And while Disney and Marvel plan to eventually make a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it'll without Gunn, which has caused Bautista to think twice about another reprisal as Drax.

Fans have already been speculating which DC Comics characters Bautista could possibly play in the Suicide Squad 2.

Obviously, this might be little more than a case of an actor vocally standing up for his friend, though Bautista has threatened to walk away from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 if Disney didn't shoot Gunn's script.