Twins' Miguel Sano will not face charges for incident in DR

Twins looking into reported arrest of Miguel Sanó in...

Twins looking into reported arrest of Miguel Sanó in...

According to a translation of the newspaper's story, the officer "ordered Sano to stop at a checkpoint, but he continued (and) ran over the uniformed officer, leaving him with serious damage".

Minnesota Twins third baseman Miguel Sano was arrested early Sunday morning in the Dominican Republic after an incident that left a police officer with a broken leg. He was released from custody on Sunday, with a promise he'd return to meet authorities Monday morning. Duran said that Sano was never charged with a crime because he did not leave the scene of the accident. The two knew each other beforehand and Sano offered to pay his medical expenses.

According to a police report posted online, Sano and his wife were in a vehicle that didn't have license plates and were stopped after leaving a nightclub.

The Twins were aware of the situation and still gathering facts, a team spokesman said.

The 25-year-old Sano is a native of the Dominican Republic, where he lives when he is not playing. Now, he ran over a police officer's leg.

According to a report from the Twins Daily baseball blog, Sano was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run involving law enforcement in the Dominican Republic.

The police report - viewed by local news sources but not yet available publicly as far as we can tell - said that Sano was driving a white truck without license plates and was not carrying identification.

The accident was another bump in what has been a rocky road for the former All-Star, who was accused of sexual assault by a female photographer last December, although no charges were filed.

His delayed spring training and an April hamstring injury set the stage for Sano having the worst season of his career.

Sano was also demoted by the Twins in June and hit just.199/.281/.398 for Minnesota this season.