Stardew Valley to launch on iPhone

Stardew Valley Android

Stardew Valley Android

Here's why I'm posting the news here: players will be able to transfer their save data from the PC version to iOS, taking their farms and all their chums with them to gaze longingly into Clint's dead eyes on the bus.

Stardew Valley is coming to mobile devices, and will be made available first on iOS through the App Store. The mobile version based on the latest version 1.3 of the game, which features a new night market. The Android version is coming later, but there's no official launch date yet.

The game will land on iOS on October 24, according to a blog post by developer Eric Barone (h/t: Polygon). The iOS version will arrive first, but the developers are now working on finishing up the Android version, so we should get more news on an exact launch date soon.

It's the full game, not a cut down version, and plays nearly identically to all other versions. Unfortunately, mod support and multiplayer content isn't available in the mobile version.

A release window for Android was not provided. It's unclear whether the Android version will take the same approach or deliver a free-to-play solution.

An iOS version of the game, which is just over 311MB and will set you back $12.99, is set for launch on October 24. ConcernedApe also says that this mobile port has no impact on the multiplayer portion of the game that is actively being worked on for console platforms.

Pre-orders for Stardew Valley mobile will go live today on the App Store, and it will run you £7.99/$7.99/€8.99. It's since landed on PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch.