Melania Trump says #MeToo women should back allegations with evidence

Melania Trump with baby elephants in Nairobi’s National Park

Melania Trump with baby elephants in Nairobi’s National Park

First Lady Melania Trump says #MeToo victims who were sexually abused by men should only come forward if they have proof.

Clarifying her stance, she said: "I do stand with women, but we need to show the evidence". We need to support them.

Those making accusations of sexual assault need to provide evidence, she argued. In a promo clip of the interview, which airs Friday on ABC, she was asked, "You're not the first first lady to have to deal with your husband's alleged infidelities". ABC's Tom Llamas sat down with Melania Trump during her recent solo tour of Africa.

Back when Melania's husband, Donald Trump, was amidst a bunch of sexual assault allegations followed by a recording detailing how he wants to grab woman "by the pu**y", she defended Donald saying he was "egged on".

Trump also gave her thoughts on #MeToo, which seemed to boil down to supporting women when their claims can be backed by evidence. "We need to show the evidence".

"They need to be heard", she said.

"Do you think men in the news that have been accused of sexual assault have been treated un unfairly?"

Llamas said that some people might take the first lady's statement to mean that she doesn't actually support women.

During an impromptu briefing with press traveling with her in Egypt last week, Trump would not say if she believed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey-Ford.