Camila Cabello Delivers Emotional "Consequences" Performance At 2018 AMAs

Hear Camila Cabello’s new single “Consequences ”

Hear Camila Cabello’s new single “Consequences ”

I mean, I do hear the new instruments and they sound pretty and make the song sound a little more "epic" if you will, but I feel like the original, piano-only version was perfection already and it made Camila express more vulnerability, which essentially is the big seller of the song, but she chose to make this decision and I respect it.

That's right, the Havana singer brought her dad!

"Consequences" is the former Fifth Harmony member's latest single to hit airways from her debut self-titled album Camilla. "Consequences" appeared on streaming sites hours before her second solo performance on the American Music Awards stage (Oct.9). The new single is set to feature a sultry yet haunting new video featuring The Suite Life of Zack and Cody star, Dylan Sprouse.

Watch the entire music video below...

Watch a clip of "Consequences" above.