Gov't urged to prioritise investment in mental health on the youth

The personal reason why I’m fighting to get mental health first aiders in the workplace

The personal reason why I’m fighting to get mental health first aiders in the workplace

Throughout this time, I believed that my mental health issues were an indulgence, indicative of a weakness of character and that bulimia nervosa was something I could just stop doing, if only I put my mind to it.

"It is time to act on mental health", he said in a message marking World Mental Health Day that falls on October 10. Nearly all employees (96%) agree that mental health is as important as physical health, according to a nationwide survey commissioned by the American Heart Association CEO Roundtable.

"Historically, everywhere in the world, it would seem, mental health has always been underfunded".

'If we change our attitude to mental health, we change the world. This latest research, plus the rapidly rising demand for our workplace mental health first aid courses show this is an issue all employers should be getting to grips with. "It's very hard and you feel alone, and NAMI is very good about making you know that there is hope, you are not alone and that recovery is the expectation for people". New legislation seeks to improve those statistics. My teacher noticed that I was avoiding PE and suggested my Mum take me to the doctor, where I received a diagnosis of asthma. Taking time to be aware of what is going on around you and reflecting on your experiences can help you understand what matters to you.

SUNSHINE Coast residents have the chance to learn mindfulness for free during Queensland Mental Health Week.

But, with the ever increasing problems that lead to mental health issues there needs to be combined effort to prolong initiatives that raise awareness and educate masses.

It is estimated that 23 per cent of people living with a diagnosable mental health condition are not receiving the help they need. In response, GKR has spent the past year raising awareness of mental health amongst staff. "People shouldn't feel that there is something wrong with them or that it's a character flaw if they have a mental illness". It may be reoccurring headaches, an upset stomach, or a rapid heart rate.

"Given that sleep problems are modifiable, it follows that successful treatment BEFORE children begin primary school will reduce child sleep and mental health problems, improve the transition to primary school, and enhance academic outcomes".

Dr Emmanuel Alhassan said some people enroll their children in schools which they cannot afford the school fees and it becomes a burden for them; some stay on in abusive relationships instead of staying away for some time until it is resolved, or borrow money they can't pay thus putting themselves under stress.

Physical activity can help relieve stress as it relaxes the muscles and alleviates tension in the body.

One in five young people will experience a mental health problem this year.

She said the unavailability of such in the NHIS had kept greater proportion of the youth who required mental healthcare from accessing such care, making them to suffer in silence, leading to complications in their otherwise mild conditions, which could have easily been treated and managed.

Graeme, 57, said: "Healthy Active Minds has been life-changing and life-enabling - being active has lowered my anxiety levels and lifted my spirits".

According to Dr Bobomurod Keldiyorov, specialist family medicine, Canadian Specialist Hospital, the signs that parents and educators need to look out for in a children include withdrawal from social interactions, increase in challenging behaviour, change in sleeping and eating habits and sudden change in behaviour.