Texas Health Commissioner: Get The Flu Shot Now

Flu Season Means Return Of Flu Vaccines

Flu Season Means Return Of Flu Vaccines

Following last year's record-breaking flu outbreak, health experts say now is the flawless time to get your flu shot.

The virus can be particularly harmful and sometimes even fatal to over-65s, pregnant women and sufferers from chronic illnesses, as these groups are all particularly vulnerable. The more people who are vaccinated, the more hard it is for the virus to spread. In recent weeks southern Africa experienced a second wave of flu activity, with influenza B the most commonly detected virus.

A staggering 95 percent of all fatalities were found to have belonged to a risk group - yet more than half had not been vaccinated. And flu vaccines are changed each year to try to match the flu viruses circulating in order to give the best protection.

Experts call these "flu myths" and encourage people to learn the facts so they can avoid getting sick, getting others sick, or even death.

Last year, about 70 people obtained the flu at the University of Wyoming.

Within the first three days of their walk-in clinic, staff at Lafene Health Center administered 122 shots, which is 40 percent more than they did during the clinic's first week in 2017.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the flu vaccine, leading to many people not taking it.

"The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) works in conjunction with worldwide health partners to try and determine which strains of flu are more likely to circulate in order to formulate an effective vaccine", Roth said. If you get a sore arm, swelling or fever, it is a natural reaction of the body.

"If you really want to know if you have the flu, you actually have to be tested", Prabhu said, "because there's a lot of virus infections that have very similar symptoms". Delivery of supplies of certain flu vaccines to GP practices and community pharmacies will be staggered between September and November. We believe that by providing free flu shots that we will reach families who may not have the means to otherwise get their flu shot. We are as likely to get the common cold when we receive the flu shot as we would be if we had not received the flu shot. Kids, adults, and seniors are better protected if they have the flu shot or nasal spray.

"If you are sick with the flu, stay home from work or school to prevent spreading it to others", de Fijter said. Flu shots from Student Health or one of their affiliated clinics cost $30 but are covered by health insurance. "Research has shown the flu vaccine can still provide some protection against new strains of flu and can reduce severe health outcomes such as hospitalization and death", she said.