Roman Abramovich denied residency in Switzerland because he posed 'security threat'

El multimillonario ruso dueño del Chelsea Roman Abramovich

El multimillonario ruso dueño del Chelsea Roman Abramovich

They evaluated Mr Abramovich as a danger to Switzerland's worldwide reputation and a potential security risk, according to the newspaper. They also asserted that there was reason to believe that "the applicant's assets are at least partially of illegal origin".

The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has been accused of money laundering and having links to organised crime in a leaked Swiss police report. Attorney Daniel Glasl said: "We are extremely disappointed by the release and publication of confidential information from Swiss government files regarding Mr Abramovich, which occurred in clear violation of Swiss criminal law and Swiss data protection laws. He has never had, or been alleged to have, connections with criminal organisations". They are based on police information which can not be easily verified, and Abramovich is entitled to be presumed innocent.

The allegations are not based on any court rulings, and the oligarch has never been indicted in Switzerland. That ruling was overturned in a legal process which ended on Friday when the Swiss federal supreme court rejected Abramovich's appeal. Tamedia then published their story on Tuesday. However, after the recent scandal surrounding the poisoning of Russian former spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury in March, Britain has taken measures to prevent the money flow from Moscow into the British capital.

He withdrew his application to renew his United Kingdom residency visa in the Spring and obtained Israeli citizenship. In May, the oligarch obtained Israeli citizenship.

Roman Abramovich will only sell Chelsea if he receives a world record bid for the Premier League club, according to reports.

The canton of Valais had originally accepted Abramovich's application, on the grounds that his financial profile would make him an "interesting taxpayer" for the area.

Mr Abramovich's application was submitted to federal authorities for approval, as is routine in Switzerland.

Abramovich withdrew his application to renew his United Kingdom residency visa soon after - as well as canning the plans for Chelsea's stadium.