Kavanaugh process make take Senate into weekend

AFP  File | Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies during the second day of his confirmation hearing to be a US Supreme Court justice

AFP File | Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies during the second day of his confirmation hearing to be a US Supreme Court justice

He told reporters during an appearance at the United Nations General Assembly in NY that Kavanaugh "is an absolutely outstanding person".

President Donald Trump dismissed the latest accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as "drunk" and "messed up" on Tuesday (Sept 25), slamming the sexual abuse allegations against his pick for the top United States court as a "con game" by Democrats. "The second accuser doesn't even know. She admits she was drunk".

MARTHA MACCALLUM: So when she says.

Cornyn (R-Texas), a member of the committee, said the body could vote on forwarding Kavanaugh's nomination to the full Senate soon after they hear from the judge's accuser, Prof.

In the shocking tirade, POTUS told reporters, "Now a new charge comes up and she says, well it may not be him and there were gaps". Ramirez, who was also a Yale freshman at the time, said Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a dormitory party that involved drinking.

"I remember hearing and being mortified that this was out there", she said.

If she lied to the New Yorker to smear a political enemy in the biggest possible spotlight, swearing on a Bible to tell the truth wouldn't scare her away from maintaining the lie. Democrats will campaign on an "Impeach Kavanaugh!" plank to motivate the left to turn out.

"This is not a criminal trial for which the involvement of an experienced sex crimes prosecutor would be appropriate", Bromwich said in the letter, as reported by Fox News, echoing previous requests that the senators themselves, not counsel, ask questions. She is accusing him of violent attempted rape.

Journalists listen to opening statements during Brett M. Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill on September 4, 2018.

The accusations from Ford and Ramirez roiled the Supreme Court nomination process at the 11th hour, energizing sexual assault victims and the broader #MeToo movement, threatening Kavanaugh's career and reputation and risking the court's standing as it prepares for Monday's start of the 2018 term.

"If such a thing had happened, it would have been the talk of campus", Kavanaugh said. "These witnesses directly contradict Professor Ford's allegations against Judge Kavanaugh", Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley advised Ford's attorneys last week.

Ashley Kavanaugh was the personal secretary to President George W. Bush when Brett Kavanaugh worked in the White House. "They're playing a con game".

Kavanaugh has vigorously denied the allegation against him and on Monday night took the extremely unusual step of appearing in a TV interview while the Senate considers his nomination. "She admits that there are time lapses". "Mazie Hirono's (D-HI) quote in the New Yorker story shows that Democratic senators are colluding with media outlets to create news stories against the judge instead of working with the Senate Judiciary Committee when they become aware of issues".

"I had never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not ever", Kavanaugh said in an interview with Fox News.

Republicans said they were determined to push the nomination through the narrowly-divided Senate as soon as a possible, rejecting Democratic calls to freeze the process to let the FBI investigate all of the allegations.

For Democrats, the row is a golden opportunity to build on anger among female voters at Trump's often dismissive attitude to allegations of sexual misconduct - including against the president himself. "He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing", she told The Washington Post, recounting the alleged incident at a high school party "one summer in the early 1980s".

While the White House is still supporting the nominee, many young people are not.

"I'm a good person", Kavanaugh added.