The media meltdown surrounding Serena Williams demonstrates their double standard

Campus Debate

Campus Debate

Serena Williams has addressed the umpire and sexism row from her 2018 US Open women's final loss to Naomi Osaka on September 8.

Some experts believe that if only tennis had a provision like other racket sports, say badminton or squash, where coaching is allowed between games, an episode like what happened in the US Open could have been avoided. Not to mention the kidnap and the forced assimilation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children into White institutions and White settler families.

A huge number of fans, (in particular, Americans, since she is, of course virtually royalty there), seem to agree with Serena Williams that the game docked from her in the US Open Final was about sexism.

She would later receive a second violation for breaking her racquet in frustration, resulting in a point penalty as well, before verbally attacking Ramos.

It is not unusual for Serena Williams to be a topic of discussion during tennis season.

Serena talks with referee Brian Earley. The story of the final sadly had become a saga of Serena's ire. She ruined what should have been the best day in the life of Naomi Osaka, the well-deserved victor.

"But, as we're taught in the wise words of Minister Farrakhan, as long as we live with White people, we will live under them".

Serena talks with chair umpire Carlos Ramos
Serena talks with chair umpire Carlos Ramos

"At the same time they have to do their job, you know, that's what we also want them to do". The third warning she got came when she called the umpire a "thief", Fox News reported. She added that she had actually been treated in a way that was way harsh when compared to the event when any male player did a similar thing by smashing the racket followed by a heated up argument with the umpire Carlos Ramos that happened when the player saw a loss during the match against her opponent Naomi Osaka from Japan dated 8 September at the city of NY.

"There is a lot of unhappiness in the umpiring community because no one is standing up for officials", an anonymous senior umpire told the Guardian. Put your hands on the steering wheel. A type of bias unique to black women, it involves them being discriminated against based on gender and race. "It's your fault, blaming the victim", argued Ms. Nwangaza.

And then she skewed the whole incident, made it all about sexism. This was a huge failure on Serena Williams' part. It is her rage that can be used productively to unite women.

Her behaviour was the female equivalent of John McEnroe and remember when he was disqualified from the Australian Open back in 1990 for a similarly abusive tirade? She has increased the longevity of a tennis player.

Her statement contradicted what Mouratoglou said. "All these things create envy and hatred in the hearts of the White world", she said. All this disgusting behavior took place in front of her opponent, age 20, and a worldwide audience.

When all is said and done, let's not forget the terrific match that propelled Osaka into the top 10 rankings and solidified her position among the elite club of grand slam champions.

"To me, White people have a template for the deconstruction of a Black person's image and you're watching it with Serena and it always happens right at the moment that that person is reaching the pinnacle of that field of endeavor", said Min. Muhammad.