Directors Reveal New Behind-the-Scenes Image From Avengers 4 Reshoots

Evangeline Lilly has finished her Avengers 4 reshoots

Evangeline Lilly has finished her Avengers 4 reshoots

Marvel is such a tease.

Embedded in the gallery above is an edited version of Joe and Anthony Russo's set photo that cranks up the brightness, clearly showcasing the film's working title, "Mary Lou" scrawled onto a nearby prop.

Sending a mysterious (and tastefully artistic) tweet from the set of the film, the Russos have given us our first clue about what to expect.

The Russo Brothers have posted a photo that the Internet has collectively agreed is a tease for Avengers 4's true title.

Or there is a chance that what we're supposed to be looking for isn't Avengers related at all.

In the photo, Joe is facing an easel that's holding what appears to be three pieces of concept art, but there's nothing on those canvases that we can "look hard" enough to see. To boot, I think Tony Stark says "end game" in Avengers 2, and Jim Starlin uses the line in Infinity Crusade, the third part of his Infinity Gauntlet saga, which inspired the MCU movies.

Well, one fan looked pretty hard and thinks he found the word "endgame" spelled out within the set pic.

And in case you missed it, you can revisit the Captain Marvel trailer below. But as one fan swiftly pointed out, there are four As in the photo, a nod to Avengers 4. Is there an element in this image that reveals something, be it the aftermath of the heartbreaking you-know-what that Thanos initiated, Hawkeye and Ant-Man's belated arrivals, an X-Men debut fueled by Disney's acquisition of Fox, Captain Marvel's time-jumped role in the fray, something about Adam Warlock finally showing up? With the fourth movie arriving in theaters on May 3, 2019, it's likely the official title will be revealed soon.