Waffle House company headquarters in Norcross preparing for Florence

How Waffle House can be a gauge of hurricane severity

How Waffle House can be a gauge of hurricane severity

Waffle House is headquartered in Georgia and has more than 2,000 establishments, mostly in the South. In fact, the Waffle House is so hard to close down that FEMA uses a scale based on Waffle House closures to tell just how bad a hurricane and its aftermath actually are. Warner said the index was created in 2004, and because people rely on the Waffle House throughout the year, they expect it to be opened after a storm. They also tweeted a cheeky message to the storm itself: "Kiss my grits!" If a hurricane hits and a Waffle House stays open, it can feed first responders and provide meals to people who have lost power. However, The Post would like you to know that waiting to leave until Waffle House closes is not the recommended practice for storm planning. He told National Public Radio in 2016: "They are open most of the time". If a Waffle House is closed resulting from there is a catastrophe, or no longer it is deplorable.

Waffle House said on Twitter that its "Storm Center" was monitoring Hurricane Florence, which is expected to hit the coast between North Carolina and SC late Thursday or early Friday and could impact 230 of its restaurants. If the index is green, the Waffle House is open and serving from its full menu, whether customers want the pecan waffle or the fiesta omelet. If the restaurant has a limited menu, often meaning the freezer is out, it's labeled yellow. At the front of the room, three screens showed storm maps and news coverage of Category 4 hurricane's path. We name it red. "You haven't found the bad stuff yet", Fugate said on NPR. We have 250 restaurants, and we are monitoring resources so they can roll in right after the storm.

Waffle House spokesman Pat Warner said it's flattering that the company has such a high profile in the eyes of FEMA.

And already, one South Carolina Waffle House has turned red on the current Waffle House Index.

"The Waffle House test just doesn't tell us how quickly a business might rebound - it also tells how the larger community is faring", FEMA said in a 2011 blog post. The sooner restaurants, grocery stores, and banks re-open - the sooner the local economy and recovery restart.