Apple A12 iPhone XS AnTuTu benchmark score is mind-blowing, crosses 360K!

Apple usually has great names for stuff and comes up with a not even Full HD screen and calls it Retina but Bionic is not cool not in 2017/2018

Apple usually has great names for stuff and comes up with a not even Full HD screen and calls it Retina but Bionic is not cool not in 2017/2018

The iPhone XR is the most affordable option among the new lineup, but it starts $50 higher than the iPhone 8 previous year.

Apple introduced its largest-ever iPhone and a watch that detects heart problems on Wednesday in an attempt to get customers to upgrade to more expensive devices in the face of stagnant global demand for smartphones.

What You Need To Know: With all the new iPhones getting edge-to-edge screens, the Watch Series 4 isn't far behind. But do they deliver?

If you were doing something boring and normal like sleeping last night, you probably missed that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max pre-orders kicked off at 3AM Eastern Time last night.

Unlike Android, Apple's new iPhones don't have the notch for show, rather is used for more sophisticated and advanced facial recognition (FaceID in Apple's speak).

The iPhone Xs features 4 GB of RAM and so does the iPhone Xs Max smartphone. Prices for its phones have gone from $649 in 2016 for its entry level iPhone 7 to $1,149 for its largest-capacity, 256GB iPhone X in 2017. Later this year Apple will release an iOS 12 update that will include an eSIM software update. That is a full three-inches larger than the display found on the original iPhone. The iPhone XR also has bigger bezels when compared to the iPhone X. In fact, Apple didn't even mention wireless charging features for the new iPhones during the product showcase, and essentially all mentions of AirPower have been scrubbed from Apple's website.

Apple's third iPhone release will be a cheaper option, with an RRP of £599 and will have a 6.1-inch screen that has an LCD display, available in a number of different colours. Since Jobs passed in 2011, there is no way of knowing what might have happened had he continued to steer the company over the last seven years. As a contributor to Billionaire 365, Jackson mostly covers markets and trade.

Apple phones typically have decent battery life, but only the Plus models could be described as anything more. And unlike last year's iPhone X, which was the first to reach the $1000 milestone it didn't even cause online riots. There are lots of tasks you can now do best with apps. I cracked the screen on it while falling up a set of stairs, I got it repaired by Apple - an effort that ultimately broke it more - and in the end, I was given a refurbished version with a screen that wasn't quite attached properly. The delay, however, may very well force consumers to go for iPhone XS Max for the bigger screen.