Gallery: Behold The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch Hardware Bundle


The"leaked Smash Bros. bundle featuring an identical Switch Online notice

You may recall last month when we came across a listing for a potential Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but here I am typing swear words in Slack while being strung along by today's Nintendo Direct. Nintendo very clearly built up a new Animal Crossing game only for Isabelle to announce her arrival in Smash. Good news - it's real!

The package will also include a download for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when it becomes available on December 7. Ultimate pre-installed. But Smash fans will really appreciate the artwork on the Switch dock and the limited edition Smash themed Joy-Con.

The long-expected Deluxe treatment is finally coming to New Super Mario Bros.

After years of waiting, Animal Crossing fans are getting the next entry in the series next year on the Nintendo Switch.