CDC recommends people get flu shots soon



"But every indicator we used to track flu previous year was within the range of normal".

While it's true for some people, the flu can just feel like a bad cold, for others it can be more serious.

The CDC said it can't predict whether this season's vaccine will be a particularly good match for the circulating viruses, but experts say even if a particular batch of flu vaccine offers less-than-ideal protection, some protection is still better than none. Women are also more likely to be vaccinated than men, and they tend to seek health care more quickly when they are sick. The WHO makes recommendations for the composition of the northern hemisphere flu vaccine every year; and this is published six months in advance to allow for vaccine production times.

Scientists conduct studies each year to determine how well the influenza (flu) vaccine protects against flu illness.

The flu vaccine typically becomes available in early October.

People develop antibodies against the flu about two weeks after vaccination, so they should receive a flu shot before the virus starts spreading through their community, according to the agency.

Here are 10 facts and myths about the flu so that you can be fully prepared to combat it this fall.

Results showed that women were less likely than men (43% versus 40%) to end up with a positive flu test and were more likely (29% versus 23%) to have received the flu shot.

The main strains that circulated last winter were Flu A (H3N2), which largely affects older people, and Flu B.

"The AAP has expressed a preference for inactivated influenza vaccine [the shot] as the primary choice for all children because, even though the new formulation of [the nasal spray] looks to be better in some ways, the effectiveness of the [nasal spray] is unknown against A/H1N1 for this upcoming season", statement co-author Mary Anne Jackson, M.D., chief of the pediatric infectious disease section at Children's Mercy Kansas City and professor of pediatrics at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, told Self.

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The campaign will be one of the first to roll out under the newly launched "Help Us Help You" brand.

This comes after the publication by scientists at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the journal Biology of Sex Differences showing that a protein called amphiregulin (AREG) could be the reason why men recover from influenza more quickly than women.

Older adults are also more likely to suffer complications from flu.

Your local health department does have flu shots ready and Hokanson says most insurance types will cover it.

Flu is a viral infection that is spread through coughs and sneezes.