Bomb explosion kills 50 people in Afghanistan, say TV channels

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A suicide attack on protesters in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday killed at least 32 people, officials said, as an uptick in violence across the war-torn country dampens hopes for peace talks and elections.

Hundreds of people from Mohmandara district of Nangarhar province staged a rally on the main road linking the provincial capital Jalalabad to Torkham border town.

Locals were protesting about a local police commander at the time of the attack.

Relatives and family members of Tuesday's victims have continued blocking the highway, according to local witnesses.

No any other group immediately claimed responsibility but both Taliban insurgents and the Islamic State are active in eastern Afghanistan, especially in Nangarhar province.

Meantime, spokesman for Nangarhar's provincial government Attaullah Khogiani told Xinhua that 68 people were killed and 165 others injured, saying more details would be available after completion of an investigation.

The bombs were reportedly hidden inside the schools as part of the planned attack.

The bomber struck in a crowd of people protesting against a local police chief in Nangarhar province near Pakistan. The wounded were cared for in the corridors, the more seriously ill were transported to the central hospital in Jalalabad. That higher death toll was not confirmed.

A suicide bomber attacked a protest in the district Mohmand Gift. Two other blasts took place in Bihsud district early morning. AFP said an explosion near a school in Jalalabad, the capital of the province, killed a boy and left four adults injured. In a statement, he said "attacks on civilian facilities, mosques, women, children, are all crimes against humanity".

Walizada said another officer was wounded in the Tuesday night attack in Pashtun Zargun district.