Apple touts its largest screens, cheaper models in iPhone revamp

Image Source All Things How

Image Source All Things How

Both the new iPhones will be succeeding the existing iPhone X. The XR's blue, red, and yellow are much more appealing than the XS's gold, which honestly looks pretty brown. Such a mode would be most optimal for a low-memory device such as smartwatch.

Apple didn't invent this big phone fashion. For folks who follow Apple's naming conventions: It's an "S" upgrade, Apple's every-other-year cycle for big new launches. More importantly, Apple kicked off a one-year iPhone battery replacement program that reduced the fix fee from $79 to $29.

Apple claims the XR will boast "all-day" battery life.

It comes in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm (up from 38mm and 42mm, respectively).

Thanks to the larger display, there's a new watch face that features up to eight complications that can be customized. But the XR is a little big bigger, and still has a great screen, and the new advanced bokeh and Depth Control features.

To emphasize the new screen, Apple provides new watch faces with configurable information. Here the new watch allows for up to 8 complications which are at the disposal of the user.

The relatively small changes to its lineup, following last year's overhauled iPhone X, were widely expected by investors and the company's shares ended down 1.2 per cent at $221.07.

"I can see kids buying one for their parents and grandparents", analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights said. Both versions feature secure facial recognition technology that only displays notifications to the phone's owner and run with speeds nine times faster than previous models due to a new A12 Bionic chip, capable of machine learning and processing five trillion operations per second. On the left side we now have a larger speaker grill; Apple promises the new speaker to be a lot louder and surprisingly so for a watch. Unfortunately during the loud hands-on this was quite hard to evaluate. It's "Digital Crown" scroll wheel now has haptic feedback by default when navigating through menus, and its speakers now produce 50% more volume than the Watch 3. The haptics here are enabled not by the crown itself, but by a vibration motor inside the watch.

As many as 6.1 million Americans have atrial fibrillation, a heart disease involving irregular heart rhythm for which the Watch could offer an early warning. An iPhone user might have a physical SIM card for their home network but will be able to take out a short-term deal with a local operator if they are on holiday. Apple isn't saying how much RAM these phones have, but we suspect the iPhone Xr will be getting by with less. An ECG app will launch later this year to make use of this feature.

Apple also introduced a fourth generation of the Apple Watch with a major redesign - and a series of features created to improve its performance as a medical and health device.

On the other hand, the iPhone X presently retails in India for Rs 96,800 for the 256GB version and its successor, the iPhone XS starts at a massive Rs 99,900 for just the 64GB model, thereby just in touching distance of the Rs 1 lakh mark.