Black ‘Hair’ On Your Tongue? Here’s What It Could Be

Woman suffers from 'black hairy tongue' after car accident

Woman suffers from 'black hairy tongue' after car accident

A case of black hairy tongue.

Why did a woman's tongue turn black and furry-looking after she experienced a auto crash?

The woman, 55, was involved in a motor vehicle accident where both her legs were crushed, according to the case details published by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Doctors diagnosed her with a condition called "black hairy tongue", which they suspect resulted from her taking the minocycline oral antibiotic.

A week after the treatment, a black discolouration appeared on her tongue and the woman reported suffering from nausea and a bad taste in her mouth.

After developing an infection, she was treated with two antibiotics: an oral dose of minocycline and meropenem given intravenously.

If your tongue starts to look suspiciously black and hairy, he added, don't panic, and "check with your primary doctor, because some other conditions can resemble this". Four weeks after doctors changed her medication regimen, the patient's tongue returned to its normal color.

'Black hairy tongue is a benign condition characterized by hypertrophy and elongation of filiform papillae on the surface of the tongue, with brownish-black discoloration, ' the New England Journal of Medicine report said.

It is usually painless and does not lead to other health problems, and may be resolved by practicing good oral hygiene as well as by resolving the main cause of the condition.

Symptoms include a metallic taste in the mouth, bad breath and a tickling sensation. The Mayo Clinic states that the condition is sometimes caused by antibiotics, which can alter the bacteria and yeast in the mouth, tobacco, certain diets and excessive quantities of coffee, tea and alcohol, as well as poor oral hygiene.

When Dr. Yasir Hamad heard that a patient's tongue had black hair on it, he decided he ought to see it for himself.