Fire in Italian bridge rubble hampers recovery efforts

Milan vs. Genoa Sampdoria vs. Fiorentina postponed following tragic bridge collapse

Milan vs. Genoa Sampdoria vs. Fiorentina postponed following tragic bridge collapse

The collapse of the Morandi Road Bridge in Genoa on Tuesday, which killed 38 people, was both an engineering and a human tragedy.

The rest of the 2018-19 Serie A opening day remains on schedule - including Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus against Chievo on Saturday (11:50 a.m. ET, streaming live on ESPN+) in what will be his competitive debut for his new club since his blockbuster summer move from Real Madrid.

Capello told The Associated Press on Friday that he was at the midpoint of the bridge wearing a seatbelt when it collapsed.

A fire among the rubble held up part of the operation on Friday, sending clouds of white smoke up before being extinguished. He immediately understood that the structure was collapsing, watching in shock as a vehicle in front of him "disappeared in darkness".

Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte are due to preside over the state funeral, which local media say will also be attended by senior staff of Autostrade per L'Italia, the managing company of the highway.

The deadly bridge collapse which struck Genoa on Tuesday has devastated Italy, with the country's leaders set to preside over a state funeral today.

The populist government has accused infrastructure giant Autostrade per L'Italia of failing to invest in sufficient maintenance and said it would seek to revoke its lucrative contracts.

Autostrade has said it monitored the bridge on a quarterly basis, as required by law, and carried out additional checks by hiring external experts.

The search entered a new phase Friday as heavy equipment removed a large vertical section, clearing a new area to probe.

"We are trying to find points where we can penetrate this incredibly heavy rubble".

"We are working in synchronisation with earth moving equipment and sniffer dogs", Mr Zanut said.

"My boy and the others suffered murder", said Roberto Battiloro, whose 29-year-old son, a videographer, was one of the four friends who died. Outside, he said, "there was an unreal silence" - destroyed vehicles and piles of broken concrete and asphalt, but no signs of life, no cries for help.

Davide Capello, 33, a firefighter and soccer player, was driving alone on the bridge when his Volkswagen Tiguan and the road it was on plunged to the ground. "A auto in front of me disappeared into the darkness", he said.

"It came down. Everything, the world, came down".

More than 600 people were evacuated from around a dozen apartments beneath the remaining shard of bridge. The homes will be demolished as officials have deemed it would be too unsafe to leave them there.

The government has said alternative housing will be found, although it may take months to re-house everyone.