Wait for Fortnite ends on Android unofficially - APK now available

Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator

Fortnite is finally on Android, and it caused a huge fuss (over nothing) about supposed security risks that it would expose users to. However, it arrived in a way that nobody expected - being exclusive to Samsung devices initially and to be made available as a non-Google Play download.

Interested people can head over to Fortnite's website and register for the beta version of Fortnite on Android.

Epic clearly has its own reasons for deciding to offer Fortnite for mobile outside of the Play Store. The process is followed up with the registration, where the make and model of ypur smartphone is enquired.

It isn't necessarily Epic's fault if a user bypasses the official Fortnite installer and downloads an APK from the internet but it could have been avoided. The bad news is that means an invite is still required to actually play the game, but the good news is that fans can actually pre-install the beta. Additionally, the list of supported devices is initially limited to flagship devices with high-end chipsets capable of handling graphics-intensive titles. In an attempt to prevent Android phones from becoming portals to hell, a minute after an Android user starts installing the Fortnite APK, he/she will receive a notification reminding them that once installation of the game is complete, they need to rescind the approval allowing apps to be installed from unknown sources.

However, there's one way to play Fortnite on Android presently -a flagship Samsung Galaxy device.