James Bond producer says 'it is time' for a black 007

        NEVER SAY NEVER Elba


Idris, 45, is in the running to take on the coveted role.

Anyone know how Stringer Bell likes his martinis?

In a Daily Star article, director Antoine Fuqua is said to have a conversation with the Bond producer about potentially recasting Bond with a non-white actor.

Although the "Luther" star himself has flipped-flopped on his stance about playing 007 over the years - initially saying that he "would do it", before later dismissing it and saying he didn't want to be known as "the black Bond" - even Steven Spielberg has gone on record as saying that Elba would be his "first choice" for Bond. Fuqua responded that the transition "will happen eventually", going on to suggest Elba as the frontrunner for the part.

"Idris could do it if he was in shape". You need a guy with a physically strong presence. Bond 25 is being produced by Eon Productions with Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson producing. Back in 2016 he called it the "wildest rumor in the world" and wondered if he was too old for the role.

According to reports Idris Elba is reportedly being eyed to take over the roles of James Bond from Daniel Craig.

Bond 25 is scheduled to be released in North Amercian theaters on November 8, 2019, with a United Kingdom release scheduled for October 25, 2019.