Love Island 2018: Georgia Steel 'Admits' To Kissing Jack Fowler

Love Island's Georgia and Sam

Love Island's Georgia and Sam

The pair had attempted to date other people in the villa but soon realized their feelings for each other were too strong to ignore. As a result, they lost their place in the villa and left together. "But I don't feel bad for Jack - it takes two to tango, he didn't have to kiss me but he did".

Both insisted it was the other that initiated it, but now Georgia has confessed she was the one in the wrong.

In her post show interview, Georgia said, "Now I have watched it, my opinion has slightly changed..." I remembered it in a different way to what happened!

She has since opened up about the kiss and having watched back the footage, realises she 'remembered it differently'.

For anyone who missed the biggest drama on the ITV2 series this year, people were left up in arms when Georgia went in for a kiss with Laura's man, who then said the situation was totally one-sided. That's not how I thought it went!

"I always do what I want to do, that's me".

"If anybody is real in that villa it's me, and I am very honest with who I am".

"Love Island is a TV show at the end of the day but it is real people, real life, real emotions and if anyone is going to be real on there, it's going to be me".

Now, fresh reports state that it was controversial pair Sam and Georgia who made a decision to leave.

Steph landed on Love Island mere days ago but it's been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for her.