Israel Adopts Controversial Jewish Nation-State Law

Israel passes controversial nation-state bill

Israel passes controversial nation-state bill

It's a controversial bill which has been debated in Israel's parliament for sometime.

Mr Netanyahu said the bill was about defending the Jewish character of the state, which was established in 1948 as a homeland for the Jewish people, "for generations to come". This is our anthem and this is our flag. Sixty-two MPs voted for the bill, with 55 against.

Netanyahu brushed off all argument that the law prioritizes the rights of Jews at the expense of Arabs, touting the Jewish state as "the only democracy in the Middle East." .

They have equal rights under the law, but have long complained of being treated as second class citizens and say they face discrimination and worse provision of services such as education, health and housing.

Like Israel's constitution, Basic Laws underpin the country's legal system, and they are more hard to repeal than regular laws.

"This is an evil law", he told lawmakers, adding that "a black flag hovers over it".

The picture taken on July 18, 2018 shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with cabinet ministers at the Knesset plenum.

"Today, I will have to tell my children, along with all the children of Palestinian Arab towns ... that the state has declared that it does not want us here", Odeh said in a statement later.

"This is not a decision I expected from the Likud leadership", he said.

One clause downgrades the Arabic language from official to "special" standing.

Kontorovich dismissed the "faux outrage" against the bill as "simply another attempt to single-out the Jewish state and hold her to a double standard".

The American Jewish Committee, a group representing the Jewish Diaspora, said it was "deeply disappointed", adding that the law "puts at risk the commitment of Israel's founders to build a country that is both Jewish and democratic".

Said Jacobs: "There are millions of us who are united in our opposition to this new law and fortified in our determination to continue to fight for an Israel that will be true to its own founding declaration of equality for all within its land, with the freedom to worship and to live with true hope for the future".

"Strong connection between Israel and Jews worldwide is based on these values that Israel is both a Jewish and democratic state", Ben Ami said, adding concerns the bill would "weaken the strength of Israel's democracy".

Mr Rivlin was one of many Jewish Israelis who objected to the law, and thousands protested the proposed legislation under the banner "this is home for all of us" in Tel Aviv last week.