Heat warning issued for Toronto and GTA

Calgary to begin scorcher of a week with heat warning issued

Calgary to begin scorcher of a week with heat warning issued

"Daytime maximum temperatures are expected to be the low 30s with humidex values near 40", the agency warns.

Those signs include swelling, rashes, cramps and fainting and those out in the sun are urged to drink plenty of water before they feel thirsty - and stay in a cool place to keep from overheating.

You are advised to drink plenty of water and stay in a cool place and make sure family and friends are doing the same, and never leave people or pets in a parked vehicle.

The warning comes one day after Environment Canada issued its own advisory on the heat.

Environment Canada has also issued warnings for parts of the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island, including Victoria.

There is only a 30% chance of showers, however, so the odds are in your favour that you'll stay safe from the thunder and lightning (knock on wood).

Severe thunderstorm watches are issued when atmospheric conditions are favourable for the development of thunderstorms that could produce one or more of the following: large hail, damaging winds, torrential rainfall.

It is recommended that you take cover if such weather is approaching you, ideally by going indoors and never by standing under a tree.

Possible high levels of air pollution due to smoke from forest fires are expected to continue today.

In general, wearing a mask is not the best way to protect your health during a smoke event.

Reduce your heat risk.

The Lake Cowichan Fire Department posted about the upgraded danger rating to Facebook and reminded campers to make sure campfires are fully extinguished.