Cyclist falls into gap as bridge opens to let boat through

Cyclist tries to take on rising drawbridge

Cyclist tries to take on rising drawbridge

A bicyclist in Wisconsin plunged right into the crevasse of a drawbridge as it was going up.

Dramatic footage shows the 37-year-old woman riding through closed gates as the structure is pulled up.

For whatever reason, she turns the bike sideways when she reaches the lift bridge, which is yet to arrive in the open position, and falls in the gap created.

ABC's WBay reports that the bridge operator had also been alerted about the incident and stopped the bridge from getting into full open position.

The video shows the woman hit the stop arms as she rides past and onto the Racine Street Bridge.

Police say the woman was treated at a hospital for facial injuries.

A cyclist was almost crushed to death when she tried to ride through a lift bridge as it rose to let a boat through.

After a short time bystanders got out of their cars and rushed to help the woman out of the opening. She suffered injuries to her face.