9 killed in Israeli missile attack on Syrian base in Aleppo: monitor

Israel fires missiles on Syrian forces near Aleppo

Israel fires missiles on Syrian forces near Aleppo

The Al-Nayrab air base near Aleppo in northern Syria came under attack Sunday night, according to a report by Syria's official SANA state news agency.

Syrian state media reported that Israel bombed the Al-Nayrab airbase next to Aleppo's global airport-a position significantly farther north than the majority of previous Israeli airstrikes and one that has been linked to the Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp.

"The Zionist enemy (Israel)... targeted with its missiles one of our military positions north of the Neirab military airport, but the damage was only material", SANA said.

The Israeli military did not comment on the incident and rarely confirms strikes on Syrian positions. However, a ceasefire had been reached late on Sunday, which was not officially confirmed by the Israeli sources.

This is a developing story. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Monday told media outlet Ynet that he had no knowledge of the incident but said Israel's policy toward Iran in Syria had not changed.

Israel fires missiles on Syrian forces near Aleppo

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in Britain, also said that the Israel was responsible for the attack, saying it targeted an Iranian Revolutionary Guard centre. "And we take action in accordance with our security interests", he said.

Israel has struck dozens of Iranian and Iran-backed positions in Syria over the course of the seven-year conflict.

Since the Syria war broke out, Israel had been silently carrying out aerial strikes in Syria, mainly targeting regime and Iranian bases.

Iran supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad along with Lebanon's Hezbollah, and both have deployed forces in Syria. "The UAV was most likely intercepted", the Israeli military said in a statement, Ynet reported.