Sprint Follows Rivals By Complicating Its Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

Sprint adds an Unlimited plan without high-resolution video

Sprint adds an Unlimited plan without high-resolution video

No matter which one you choose, both new unlimited plans still come with Hulu.

From tomorrow, Sprint will launch a revamped, more expensive unlimited data plan that it has been testing for several months and introduce a new, restricted plan at its current price point.

The first line of Unlimited Basic costs $60 per month on AutoPay, the second costs an additional $40 and extra lines up to the fifth are $20 each. The Unlimited Freedom plan gave you Full HD video streaming, 10GB of LTE mobile hotspot data and free Hulu. Video streaming is also capped at 480p (DVD-quality).

Those music and gaming streaming restrictions are more severe than with Sprint's previous plan, and hotspot data is more limited, too: you get 500MB of LTE shareable data per month with Unlimited Basic, with speeds slowed to 3G after you reach your limit. Plus, there's Hulu and a free TIDAL Premium account to boot. And Sprint said that music streams are throttled at 500 Kbps, games throttled at 2 Mbps, and that users who consume more than 50 GB in a month can have their speeds reduced. Sign up today to get wireless news and updates delivered to your inbox and read on the go.

Sprint is mixing up its unlimited plans starting tomorrow (July 13), with a nod toward giving customers more options when it comes to their monthly cellular service. If you get five lines, it's $42 per month, per line. The over 55 plan has fewer features but costs only $50 for one line and $70 for two lines. Under this promotional pricing, Unlimited Plus costs $50 a month for a single line, with a second line available for another $30, and lines three through five costing $10 each. We can credit T-Mobile with causing a resurgence in unlimited data plans, but the term "unlimited" has been butchered recently. However, if customers bring in their own phone or buy a phone outright from Sprint, they can take a $20 per month discount. You'll get 10GB of LTE data when you travel to Canada and Mexico, plus 15GB of LTE hotspot data. That's also true when roaming in Canada and Mexico. The latest carrier to muddy the unlimited data waters is Sprint. It's just a shame that unlimited plans, which were supposed to simplify the wireless industry, have done anything but. "Add all of this up and there's literally never been a better time to switch to Sprint", said Draper.