HTC will release its blockchain smartphone Exodus this fall

Hands with clenched fists breaking bonds or fetters

Hands with clenched fists breaking bonds or fetters

After first announcing back in the spring that it had plans for its blockchain-utilising smartphone, HTC has now confirmed that said phone will be on sale in the third quarter of this year. Chen also hopes to figure out a way to perform efficient mining on smartphones at some point down the road, but we probably can't expect that from the Exodus either.

Unfortunately, at the time HTC didn't have a lot to talk about regarding the Exodus except to say that it is a handset designed for a cryptocurrency future, built with a secure hardware enclave and a universal wallet.

In May this year, HTC announced plans for a blockchain phone to save its sinking ship.

HTC was the first smartphone company to launch a phone powered by Android OS. And to attract the target market more, HTC has partnered with CryptoKitties, a highly popular blockchain-based game wherein players collect and breed virtual cats instead of Cryptocurrency.

The smartphone revolution in the world just got a little bigger with the introduction of the blockchain-powered Exodus Smartphone. "I'm excited about the opportunity it brings to decentralize the internet and reshape it for the modern user", Phil Chen HTC's Chief Crypto Officer said. It remains to be seen exactly how the connection to the rest of the system, which of course also has online access in the HTC Exodus, will look. No one really knows what this means in the context of a phone, with experts speculating that "cold storage" means that the device's wallet could work offline.

A website dedicated to the HTC Exodus project has already been set up, but there isn't much info.

The specs for Exodus remain unknown, however, Chen did confirm that the blockchain smartphone will definitely be available "everywhere outside of China" explaining that China will be a more hard market due to "different rules, everywhere from regulations to how Android even works".

The main advantage of a blockchain smartphone would be its security.

HTC recently launched the HTC U12+, which is the latest flagship smartphone from the company with a dual camera setup (after many years).