Happily married couple considers divorce to get disabled daughter Medicaid

Maria and Jake Grey are considering a divorce to qualify for Medicaid health care for daughter

Maria and Jake Grey are considering a divorce to qualify for Medicaid health care for daughter

A Texas couple is considering getting a divorce to help pay for their daughter's health care costs. They have since become the proud parents of two daughters, 2-year-old Fairen and 6-year-old Brighton, who was born with a rare genetic disorder, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.

"She will not be able to be on her own ever and requires 24/7 care", Maria Grey said.

The Greys, who have been married for nine years, said that Jake's $40,000 income as an Army veteran disqualifies them for Medicaid, and that 30 percent of their collective income now goes toward Brighton's care.

The family has applied for state assistance, but there are tens of thousands of people on the waiting list, some waiting up to 14 years.

"We're No. 60,000", Maria said.

Jake said: I can't imagine going through what we've been through with anybody else'. "It's morally wrong, I feel like, and I think it's conflicting for me too, because I feel like what's happening to us is morally wrong", Jake said.

"We shouldn't have to make that sacrifice to get our child Medicaid", Maria Grey said.

"It's drowning us to try to keep up with her medical expenses", he said. "We don't know what to do". Still, the couple fears they have no choice.

"We are not looking for charity, we're not looking for money or donations".

The Greys say they're going public with their struggle to help raise awareness about their predicament and encourage others in a similar situation to speak up. "I need the state to step up and give us the benefits that we need". They say they'll do whatever necessary to help their daughter.

Maria was reduced to tears as she spoke about her anxiety each time she would walk to the mail box. "We're lucky to have that and I wouldn't change that for anything".