As tempting as supplemental draft prospects are, Rams should pass



What is the NFL Supplemental Draft?

The NFL's annual supplemental draft is set to take place on Wednesday afternoon, offering college stars who failed to qualify for the traditional draft a chance to earn a rookie contract.

Instead of waiting till the end of camp to find out if he would be eligible to play next season, Beal made the decision to enter the Supplemental Draft. Cleveland is in the first pod, which includes the 10 teams with the worst records in 2017 (see the regular 2018 draft order before trades). When a player is selected in the supplemental draft, the team that selects him loses that pick in the following year's regular draft.

Chances are, that streak will continue, even though this year's Supplemental Draft does have some players that are deemed potentially worthy of selection. Since 2013, only one player has been chosen (OL-Isaiah Battle in Round 5 by the Rams).

However, Sam Beal has no negative reports about him coming into the supplemental draft.

Writing for CBS Sports, Chris Trapasso notes the three defensive backs in the supplemental draft - Western Michigan's Sam Beal, Virginia Tech's Adonis Alexander, and Mississippi State's Brandon Bryant - will be coveted, but lists the Colts, Jaguars, Chiefs, Cardinals, and Bills among the teams most likely to make a bid for one.

Chances are that Beal, Alexander and the rest will get a shot somewhere in the National Football League, whether any teams try to draft them on Wednesday or not.

The Giants will forfeit their corresponding third-rounder in 2019 following this selection.

Why He's Available: Ruled academically ineligible this spring. Two players were taken, which hasn't happened since 2010. He also had solid balls skills as well and solid instincts. He also was arrested on a marijuana charge in 2016, but told The Sporting News that he has passed "eight or nine" drug tests this year.

A three-year starter for the Bulldogs at safety, Bryant primarily lined up to the wide side of the formation as a junior with reps deep and over the slot. But those gambles vanished under former general manager Jerry Reese, who placed a premium on every single draft pick. He has played heavier than that measured weight, so that is not much of a concern.

Dorsey attended Beal's pro day on June 28 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, adding fuel to the speculation that the Browns may be interested in making a claim on Beal.

The Giants were one of 32 teams that reportedly were in attendance for Beal's pro day, where he impressed scouts with his athleticism and size.

Not the most physical player, Beal is effective enough in rerouting his man with his hands, doing so while maintaining a speed that most cornerbacks simply can not handle. In three years at Western Michigan, he garnered 65 tackles, two interceptions and a forced fumble. However, those numbers improved throughout his time at the college level, so perhaps it shows his best days are ahead.