Raptors have ‘generated buzz’ in Kawhi Leonard trade market

Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard

Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard

The Sixers are confident that they can sway him to pick up his player option or re-sign with them via free agency next summer.

But while Leonard has always been strongly linked with a move to the Lakers, who recently recruited LeBron James, the Spurs have demanded a major return package to let the two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year leave.

Though Kawhi Leonard prefers going to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Philadelphia 76ers - being well-equipped with skilled players which they could arrange for a deal - have a chance at landing the defensive stalwart via trade.

As mentioned, any potential deal with San Antonio will likely have to include an all-star like DeRozan or Lowry, along with a package of young players and picks.

However, it was reported last week that Leonard no longer had a preference to play for the 16-time champions as he does not want to play second fiddle to James.

Kawhi Leonard's hive-mind of his uncle's friends decided that the two-way superstar would be playing in Los Angeles next season, and agreed that Kawhi wouldn't set foot on the court for another team.

But the two-time National Basketball Association defensive player of the year has expressed a desire to be traded to his hometown Los Angeles Lakers. "I think we certainly would add, and more than we would, we are really spending hour after hour trying to figure out how to add and try to manage those types of risks", he said.

Leonard is an attractive piece to add to their roster.

"Why would Philadelphia give him [Pop] two starters and two picks when he's only going to be there for one year if he shows up?" Certainly, if you sign them as a free agent, you get them for free.

That would allow them to keep the core of young talent on their roster albeit weaken their hopes of challenging the Golden State Warriors this year despite James' arrival.