'Maria' to usher in total lunar eclipse

ESA Advocates For “In-Situ Resource Utilization” For Lunar Exploration And Colonization Missions

ESA Advocates For “In-Situ Resource Utilization” For Lunar Exploration And Colonization Missions

The partial lunar eclipse will begin near around 11.54 pm Indian Standard Time (IST), and on 28 July, the total eclipse will start at 1 am. NASA has said the Blood Moon lunar eclipse phenomenon will be not only the longest one of the century but is just four minutes short to be the longest lunar eclipse to have ever been seen from Earth. Residents in other parts of Africa and Asia as well those in Europe, Australia and South America will be able to see a partial lunar eclipse. While its peak will be at 16:21 EDT (03:21 Western Indonesian Time).

Should skies remain clear, the event will be visible from everywhere in France, with the total eclipse set to be visible from Paris from 22h20.

At 22:30 on July 27, the Moon completely enters the Earth's shadow and will turn a crimson color. Towards the end of this month, there will be a lunar eclipse, the longest one of this century along with a blood moon.

The longest lunar eclipse of the century is slated to happen on Friday, July 27, and almost the whole world will be able to witness the event. Hagee's book (and subsequent sermon series at his home congregation, Cornerstone Church) did not proclaim that any specific "end times" event would occur (as did Biltz in his original prophecy), but claimed that every prior tetrad of the last 500 years coincided with events in Jewish and Israeli history that were originally tragic, yet followed by triumph.

Pagasa said lunar eclipses are safe to watch; observers need not use any kind of protective filters for the eyes. From within the umbra, all direct sunlight is blocked by Earth as in the case of a total lunar eclipse. When this happens, the Earth blocks the light from the moon, darkening the moon with the Earth's shadow.

Coincidentally, Planet Mars will be the closest it has been to Earth in 15 years on the same night.