Restaurant asks Sarah Sanders to leave

Sarah Huckabee Sanders petty and vindictive moment

Sarah Huckabee Sanders petty and vindictive moment

Sarah Sanders made the claim on Twitter, explaining that the owner asked her to leave.

The owner reportedly asked Sanders to leave because she believe she worked for an "inhumane and unethical" administration - and the restaurant had standards to uphold.

At the same time, the restaurant has been getting five-star reviews from others who clearly didn't double check the location, including, "America has your back!" and "I think you are one GREAT restauranteur with outstanding principles!" I really do. But, this tone is terrible.

Yet, according to Cummings, the Red Hen owner did not do the right thing when she asked Sanders to leave because of her politics.

We saw this same controversy arise when White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway was accused of breaking this rule after she invited Americans to purchase Ivanka Trump-branded products on a 2017 episode of Fox & Friends.

"I'm not a huge fan of confrontation", Wilkinson told the newspaper.

"It is a violation of federal securities laws to knowingly, or with extreme recklessness, make false statements about a publicly held company when you know that that could impact the stock price", Painter said earlier this year in a radio interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. "They said "yes", Wilkinson said to The Washington Post.

"This is a sign of the total ethical rot of this administration, which comes from the model set at the top", Ian Bassin, executive director of Protect Democracy and former associate White House counsel to Barack Obama tells Refinery29.

The backlash extended to eponymous but unaffiliated restaurants in other locations as well.

Wilkinson said she bore in mind the Trump's administrations agenda to ban transgender people from entering the military and his zero tolerance policy that separated migrant families at the border in taking her poll.

She added that it seems like Democrats are "outwardly opposed" to Americanism.

Ms. Sanders left with her party of eight.

"They offered to pay".

Reviewers from across the political spectrum are sounding off on the Lexington restaurant's Facebook and Yelp pages, but now reviewers have been targeting Red Hen in DC as well.

Wilkinson said that she talked to Sanders privately and that Sanders's response was immediate: "That's fine".

Some 24 hours after the incident, the hashtag #Restaurants4Sarah continued to trend on social media, with Twitterati coming up with inventive names such as Kentucky Lied Chicken, Birther King, Red Mobster, and Chipotlie for her to feast in.