First lady visits migrant children at Texas detention center

Sports Are Awesome 'Earthquake' Detected in Mexico City After World Cup Goal

Sports Are Awesome 'Earthquake' Detected in Mexico City After World Cup Goal

Trump wore the jacket as she boarded a flight en route to visit a group of migrant children in Texas.

In Washington, the House killed a hard-right immigration bill Thursday and Republican leaders delayed a planned vote on a compromise GOP package, with party members fiercely divided on the issue. Mrs. Trump, herself an immigrant from Slovenia, signed the flag and gifted it back to the center.

The irony of the invitation? "We want to spread awareness, we want people to take action".

One shelter employee said kids typically are "distraught" after being removed from their parents' sides.

Mrs Trump made the previously unannounced visit to a child migrant detention centre on Thursday, saying she wanted to help reunited migrant children who were separated from their families.

Her spokeswoman said "there was no hidden message" in the former fashion model's sartorial choice. "She does that often".

On Wednesday, when signing the executive order to reverse the policy on separating children from parents, Trump cited his daughter and his wife as influencing his decision.

There was apparently no need for a jacket, much less one that costs so cheap when the First Lady of the US (FLOTUS) have allegedly discriminating fashion taste. "Do U?" in white lettering that looks like broad paint strokes. Zara did not respond to an email asking to explain its inspiration for the jacket.

'There was no hidden message. "There's no message. I hope we can talk about her important visit with children today rather than her wardrobe choice".

A spokesperson for Melania Trump has stated the following, "It's a jacket".

Shocking images and audio of children being detained at Customs and Border Protection facilities provoked outrage online.

That only raised more questions.

Images and recordings of distressed children held in enclosures akin to cages have sparked global fury.

Trump's executive order would keep families together but in custody indefinitely while parents are prosecuted for entering the country illegally - a move that could lead to new legal battles for the administration.

This comes at a very sensitive time, considering the latest news regarding children that have been forcibly separated from their immigrant parents.

The sudden implementation of the "zero tolerance" policy caused confusion and crowding within a system that was already burdened by a rise in the number of children crossing the USA border alone in recent years.

While President Donald Trump's administration struggled to formulate next steps, the Pentagon signaled officials were bracing for a lengthy ordeal.

The secretary might have some first-hand data to share with Murray.