Surveillance video shows theft at Banksy exhibit in Toronto

Toronto police say Trolley Hunters a $45,000 Banksy artwork was reported stolen on Sunday

Toronto police say Trolley Hunters a $45,000 Banksy artwork was reported stolen on Sunday

The exhibition, organized by Banksy's former manager Steve Lazarides, opened on Wednesday.

The $35-million Art of Banksy exhibit, which is not sanctioned by the reclusive street artist, just opened at an industrial building on Sterling Road, in the city's west end.

The piece valued at $45,000 is believed to have been stolen over the weekend, according to police, who explained that officers were called to the "Art of Banksy" exhibition after gallery staff saw security video showing someone taking the print. The exhibit was set to show 80 Banksy pieces, with tickets going for $35 each. Having met the anonymous artist in 1997 when he took Banksy's portrait for Sleaze Nation magazine, together they staged some of Banksy's most well-known exhibitions such as Crude Oil, Barely Legal, and Turf War, before parting ways in 2008.

Mr Lazarides worked with the Bristol graffiti artist for about 10 years, though Banksy himself is not involved in the show.

The 2007 "Trolley Hunters" print depicts three crouching hunters, one aiming a spear at a grouping of shopping carts.

Additionally, this presentation will be the first United Kingdom exhibition which allows visitors to see Banksy's work all in one place, from stenciled canvases, unique paintings, limited-edition prints, and many more, which emphasize the artist's social and political comments in today's world.

"It's a handsome piece and we hope to get it back", said Ross, adding that he would not comment further during the police investigation.

The artist's work has a broad appeal, Lazarides said.