Drake Gives 'Degrassi' Fans A Surprise Reunion In Newest Music Video

Pusha T- If You Know You Know
  Videos  06/13/2018   Pusha T

Pusha T- If You Know You Know Videos 06/13/2018 Pusha T

Ephraim Ellis, whose character Rick shot Drake's character in a legendary episode, runs through the halls to get away from an angry group of Drake's associates.

As the music video shows, the two students head back to Degrassi Community School which is where all the cameos begin. From there, many previous cast members arrive at the iconic school for the reunion including Stacey Farber, Lauren Collins, Adamo Rugguiero, Melissa McIntyre - and even Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, who reprise their roles as Jay and Silent Bob. "Welcome Back", reads the sign, and the party and mayhem ensues.

"It sucks because it would have been great to see everybody", he said to Page Six.

"Degrassi" executive producer Stephen Stohn, who last saw Drake at the Juno Awards in 2010, popped into the set for an hour to see everyone on Sunday. "But you & Karena melted my heart with the then-&-now cast credits and theme song ending!" "Truly the best night - thank you Aubrey, and thank you to the unbelievably dedicated fans of our show". He added he's actually bumped into Drake a few times since the "Degrassi" days and says "we always just pick up right where we left off".

After dropping the new video, Drake also took to Instagram to reveal that his forthcoming album, Scorpion, will be coming out June 29, and shared the album's cover art.