George Lucas Thinks Fans Would've Hated His Star Wars Sequels

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In another tweet. Boyega wrote, "To the majority of Star Wars fans, thank you for supporting and putting yourselves in our shoes". Illustrator Livio Ramondelli shared an excerpt from Insight Editions' companion book to AMC's James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction, where Lucas offered the first specific details about this trilogy. One of the people he spoke with was George Lucas who discussed at length about the publics fascination with the science fiction genre and how it led to the success of Star Wars.

"If I'd held onto the company I could have done it, and then it would have been done", he said. Abrams and and Co. made a decision to take the story of the Star Wars sequels in a very different direction than Lucas had intended. I've got to say that it's probably a good thing the films didn't get made then because based on fan hatred for The Phantom Menace's midichlorians, which tried to provide a scientific explanation for The Force, it appears people don't want to know the inner working of the Force and just want to see the Jedi do insane things.

In that book, Lucas states that in his take on the next three Star Wars films - Episodes VII to IX - they "were going to get into a microbiotic world". "There's this world of creatures that operate differently than we do".

In a series of tweets, the 26-year-old actor asked Star Wars fans that he doesn't care if they bought a ticket to see the movie or not, stop harassing his castmates. They feed off the Force.

Lucas' vision of what he wanted to do with Star Wars will never make it to the big screen the way he wanted to-although there may be more instances of certain aspects trickling in there. Given how people have reacted to changes regarding the Force in the new movies, as well as the midi-chlorians in the prequels, Lucas' assumptions were probably correct.

The midi-chlorians comment is mentioned as part of a larger conversation about AI and religion within the context of Star Wars.

We don't want to spoil things too much, but basically, Rose Tico is now the central protagonist, white men have been totally cut (in more ways than one), and there's a pretty massive spoiler headed your way about Chewie, but hey - we kind of always knew that was a possibility, right?