E3 2018: God of War getting a New Game Plus

God of War

God of War

Many would have already finished the title by now but Sony Santa Monica Studio will soon give them a reason to get back into the game once again.

As the PlayStation.Blog reports, work is now underway to implement a New Game+ mode for God of War which will eventually be delivered in patch form and downloaded to your PS4. "It's with our greatest pleasure to create this in honour of you - our fans". There's no date yet, but this will all make it into God of War as a free patch. As of right now if you want to start a new game no progress carries over from previous playthroughs. This will include all of the weapons, talismans and more, according to Eurogamer. The New Game+ Mode is now being developed and it's unclear precisely when it's going to be released for God of War. How about a fully upgraded Leviathan Axe at the start of the game? That will also be possible, and quite frankly, you may need it, New Game+ won't just be a sunny stroll through Midgard.

God of War is getting new content, sadly, it is not an update to gain access to Asgard and the other two realms that are blocked off, it comes in the form of a New Game Plus.

For now, there is no release date announced for the game mode.

PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War has unquestionably been a hit as the title sold more than five million copies in its first month alone. The game still features Kratos as the protagonist, but this time, he is accompanied by his son Atreus. God of War 2 contains the substantive "Titan Mode", which is the hardest difficulty unlocked after beating any difficulty once.