Donald Glover surprises students with performance of 'This Is America'

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Students gathered at the Harold Washington Library Center Monday to see the talents of their peers - but they were in for a treat.

Even if you don't live in Chicago, it's well known at this point that if you go to one of Chance The Rapper's monthly Open Mike nights, there's a non-zero chance that something unexpected and awesome will happen.

Chance doesn't have to introduce Glover, instead he just lets those unmistakeable first "yeah-yeah-yeah-yeahs" from the single rain over an inconsolable high school crowd, many of whom are graduating seniors from the area.

As the opening bars of "This is America" rang out over the speakers, the students copped who was about to take the stage and well. went a little insane.

For the third year in a row, Chance the Rapper and OpenMike co-founder, activist Malcolm London have hosted the event for high school students in Chicago.