Cyberpunk 2077: Main Character, Customization, Exploration Revealed

CD Projekt RED releases tons of new details about Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED releases tons of new details about Cyberpunk 2077

Rumors that the game would be a first-person began circulating a few months back.

Night City is a world of incredible detail and from what we've seen so far it looks truly alive.

Select members of the press, including, had a chance to check out CD Projekt Red's live gameplay demo of Cyberpunk 2077 and were quite impressed. Choose your story, your background, and how the world of Cyberpunk 2077 perceives you.

While the viewpoint is in the first person for shooting and moving around, driving can be done in first or third person. Instead, it will be an RPG with shooter elements. We still don't know much about what kind of game Cyberpunk will be, we know it will be a single-player RPG driven by choice and in-depth character customization. World design was a huge focus in setting the tone. Not only that, but players will also be able to create their dream character through the title's Character Creation selection. It has multiple, deep progression systems with skills attributes and perks. In the hour I spent with Cyberpunk 2077 there was swearing, full frontal nudity, serious violence and some body modification that made me say 'eew.' There are noodles in the game, though, so it's not all bad really. And though much of the gameplay is still under wraps, details are starting to trickle out here and there. "But when all the things happen to you, from you, within you, first person point of view is the right decision to take, especially because of the augmentations". Companions may be temporary sidekicks as they were in The Witcher 3, or they may be more permanent like they were in Fallout 4. After the trailer dropped, though, CD Projekt Red went nearly totally silent on the matter bar an announcement in 2015 that it would be concentrating on The Witcher franchise for the next two years, the claim that the game would be far bigger than The Witcher 3, already a hefty title, and the disclosure of an alleged security breach at the company in which an attacker was said to be ransoming internal files relating to the game. Unlike The Witcher 3, which had plenty of wide open fields and dense forests, Cyberpunk 2077 has towering skyscrapers, some of which are enterable "megabuildings".