Virginia battle highlights U.S. Congress primary elections in 5 states

Rep. Mark Sanford R-S.C. addresses the crowd during a town hall meeting in March 2017 in Hilton Head S.C

Rep. Mark Sanford R-S.C. addresses the crowd during a town hall meeting in March 2017 in Hilton Head S.C

ME voters were the nation's first to use a new voting system in a statewide election letting them rank candidates by preference rather than choosing just one. Sheryl RosenDem Senate super PAC reserves million in fall TV ads What to watch in Tuesday's primary elections Dems urge Trump to reinstate top cyber post MORE (D-Nev.) in November. LePage has a negative approval rating (53 percent disapprove, 41 percent approve), and he blocked the Medicaid expansion despite ME voters supporting a ballot referendum to expand Medicaid in 2017.

Heitkamp is one of 10 Senate Democrats up for re-election this year in states that President Donald Trump won in 2016. Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., a vocal Trump critic, is facing a serious challenge from Republican state Rep. Katie Arrington, a Trump supporter who has attacked the state's former governor for being too critical of the president. Virginia has open primaries, which means party does not matter.

There were 26 primary contests for seats in the Legislature. She will face first-term Republican Rep. Scott Taylor. Luria owns Mermaid Factory in Norfolk and served in the Navy for 20 years. He will likely face off in November against Republican Rep. Richard Malaby of Hancock, who is also term-limited out of office. The results will determine whether each party has competitive candidates and may predict whether the GOP or the Democrats will pick up seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

Editor's Note: Colorado Community Media reached out to Polly Lawrence, a Republican candidate for state treasurer, and her campaign, multiple times by phone and email.

For a Hancock County Senate seat, four-term Rep. Louis Luchini of Ellsworth faced off against fellow Democrat Ian Schwarz of Mount Desert for the Senate District 7 seat now held by Republican Sen.

On the GOP side, Ryan McAdams won the 4th District nomination over Shion Fenty. He wants to defund Obamacare, end abortion, and protect the Second Amendment.

Corey Stewart, Nick Freitas and E.W. Jackson are vying for the GOP Senate nomination.

Unlike the General Election in November, where the victor represents their district in the Virginia General Assembly or U.S. Congress, the victor of Tuesday's primary election only becomes their party's representative in the upcoming general election.

"We're the only campaign to release a poll that shows us 8 percentage points up above Barbara Comstock, and we think that just shows how much energy there is for somebody who's ready to hold Pres. Trump accountable, to tell him that nobody is above the law", said Helmer.

Now, whether you vote Democrat or Republican you're going to notice two questions on the ballot. But an influx of Latinos and other blue-leaning voters since then has given Democrats a lead of 97,325 registered voters as of May compared with a Republican lead of 3,250 registered voters in 1998, according to Nevada secretary of state data.