Mom Warns of Ticks After Child Woke Up Unable to Walk

Mum's parasite warning after daughter was left unable to walk

Mum's parasite warning after daughter was left unable to walk

A five-year-old girl in MS temporarily lost the ability to walk after she developed "tick paralysis", a rare condition caused by tick bites.

Jessica Griffin shared photos of her daughter, Kailyn, and the tick found on her head on Facebook.

Griffin had a warning for other parents, and included photos of where the tick bit Kailyn on her head, as well as a photo of the pest itself.

At the hospital, the doctors did blood tests and performed a CT scan to confirm that Kailyn did, in fact, have tick paralysis.

"PLEASE for the love of god check your kids for ticks!" she posted. She uploaded the picture of the bag and her daughter who was admitted in the hospital.

After medical examination it became clear that this paralysis ticks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlight tick paralysis as a rare disease caused by a toxin in the saliva of ticks, particularly the Rocky Mountain wood tick and the American dog tick, typically found in the Rocky Mountain states and the northeast US, respectively. According to Griffin's Facebook posts, her daughter was discharged later that day and has recovered normally.

A 5-year-old girl in MS was paralyzed for over a day from a tick bite, an unusual case highlighting the importance of protecting against insects as peak biting season begins. Scary is [an] UNDERSTATEMENT! "It's more common in children than it is adults", she wrote last Wednesday. Ticks are most active from April through September, The Washington Post has reported.

The paralysis begins in the legs, then spreads to the upper extremities.

Tick paralysis is caused by female ticks on the verge of laying eggs.

The American Lyme Disease Foundation states that it takes five to seven days for a person to develop tick paralysis symptoms.

Once the tick is removed, rapid recovery is common.

But human children are also susceptible due to their smaller body mass. Girls get tick paralysis more frequently because the ticks can easily hide in a mass of hair, according to the foundation. We are being admitted to the hospital for observation and we're hoping her balance gets straightened out! "Kailyn woke up and couldn't walk!" Later that evening, Kailin was able to walk out of the hospital.

The doctors said the child would return to normal between 12 and 24 hours, and sure enough, after 12 hours, Kailyn was back to her usual self.