Fortnite Switch has cross-play with PC

Nintendo Switch Hackers Being Banned From Online Services: Reports

Nintendo Switch Hackers Being Banned From Online Services: Reports

Apparently, PS4 players can not use the same account on the Switch. They have yet to respond to the situation.

This is the same for Xbox One, while PS4 players are also barred from joining up with players not on PC and Mobile. This weird limitation means you could end up losing out on the progress you've made should you accidentally log in to the Switch version while primarily playing on PS4 or vice versa. As The Verge explains, there's one other side-effect PS4 users need to be reminded of. However, this is not the case for those who have linked their account to a PlayStation 4 system. What do you make of it so far?

It's important to note that the Switch version of Fortnite only features the free Battle Royale mode and not the PvE-centric Save the World campaign.

Fortnite, meanwhile, isn't the only game that doesn't get cross-play support on the PlayStation, though it's certainly more popular than other titles. Unfortunately, the game is now having matchmaking issues, likely due to the influx of players.

You can unlink your Sony account from your Epic Games account but for some reason, if you go to do that, Epic will remove all of your purchases and earned game content on your Epic account and start you back from scratch.

Link your Switch account to an Epic Games account.

Everything's better with friends, so why not take a look at all the best multiplayer games on PC? At the very least, Epic Games should be addressing the issue in short notice.