Eminem draws backlash for using 'gunshot' sound effects during show

Source CNN

Source CNN

Some fans who attended Eminem's set at the Bonnaroo Music Festival this weekend were not amused by gunshot sound effects that played near the end of the show.

"I$3'm one of Eminem's number 1 fans but to hear 3 gunshots coming straight from his set had me scared af. not gonna lie. especially in this world..."

As the shot rings out, you can hear screams, while whoever is holding the camera quickly ducks down.

However, many fans came to his defence, insisting he has ended the song with the same sound effects for several years.

Popular social media figure Andrea Russett tweeted: "I hate to be the one to say it, but being someone who suffers from very mild PTSD, it was EXTREMELY irresponsible and distasteful to end songs w the shotgun sound effect. I have grown up loving Eminem and his music but I was extremely triggered to the point of tears", reports Billboard.

Video from the performance quickly made its way online, and viewers were outraged given its been less than a year since the Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting in Las Vegas. 'This is not amusing or even something to be joked about'.

Others were quick to point out that the gunshot sound effect is nothing new at Eminem's shows.

Eminem is yet to comment, however, many Slim Shady fans stood up for the legendary rapper as they rebutted the sounds have always been a part of his set, while he's long lobbied for gun control in the US.

Metro.co.uk contacted reps for comment.