What the United States and North Korea mean when they talk about 'denuclearization'

What the United States and North Korea mean when they talk about 'denuclearization'

What the United States and North Korea mean when they talk about 'denuclearization'

Meanwhile, regarding the summit slated for June 12 between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump, Trump said Tuesday the meeting - the first ever between a sitting U.S. president and a North Korean leader - could be called off unless "certain conditions" are met.

Mr Trump raised the possibility that the meeting could be pushed back during a White House meeting with South Korea president Moon Jae-in, trying to co-ordinate strategy as concerns mounted over ensuring a successful outcome for the North Korea summit.

If the summit is called off or fails, it would be a major blow to what Trump supporters hope will be the biggest diplomatic achievement of his presidency, and a huge disappointment for the president himself. "We certainly welcome the announcement of plans to dismantle its nuclear test site", Nauert told reporters at her biweekly briefing.

South Korea had claimed the joint air drills were defensive in nature, while the DPRK considered it a dress rehearsal for the northward invasion.

"But it may not work out for June 12. But there is a good chance that we'll have the meeting". "I don't really have any faith", said Korean-American businessman Peter Chung. "And if we go, I think it will be a great thing for North Korea".

Pompeo said he was "very hopeful" the summit would take place but said the decision was ultimately up to Kim.

Then, on Tuesday, North Korea's state media ran a commentary demanding that South Korea silence defectors who distributed leaflets critical of the Kim regime.

The original objective of Trump and Moon's meeting was to fine-tune a joint strategy for dealing with Kim.

Last week Pyongyang threatened to pull out of that summit if Washington pressed for its unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Trump said he didn't want to "totally commit" himself on whether North Korea should denuclearize all at once or in phases. "If the right deal is not on the table, we will respectfully walk away".

Aides said Trump has privately been wondering whether Kim is serious about the summit after the abrupt change in tone.

A handful of foreign journalists, including from South Korea, were invited to attend the demolition ceremony.

White House aides are preparing to travel to Singapore this weekend for a crucial meeting with North Korean officials to discuss the agenda and logistics for the summit, USA officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Trump heaped praise on Moon as an "extremely competent" leader despite some concerns voiced by USA officials that Moon might be too willing to compromise with Kim.

Moon was optimistic about the summit in his Oval Office remarks. The US has said it was going ahead with the preparation. If North Korea's denuclearization is to be accomplished, Kim Jong Un will need to be granted assurances that he and his regime will be safe even without a nuclear arsenal and ICBM capability.

"He has constant and regular meetings with his national security team".

North Korea has a long history of lying, cheating and stealing to get its way.

The Trump administration is at odds with Beijing over trade.

Trump expressed suspicion that the North's recent aggressive barbs were influenced by Kim's unannounced trip to China two weeks ago - his second in as many months.

Tensions between USA and North Korea escalated previous year as Pyongyang tested missiles believed capable of hitting the United States mainland.

Politically, Trump has invested heavily in the success of his meeting with Kim, and so privately most USA officials, as well as outside observers, believe it will go ahead.