Legendary Japanese climber found dead on Mount Everest

Nepali mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa 48 tries on a climbing jacket in Kathmandu

Nepali mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa 48 tries on a climbing jacket in Kathmandu

Thirty-six-year-old Nobukazu Kuriki, who was attempting to climb the 8,848m peak solo without oxygen, is the third to die on the mountain this climbing season.

Kuriki was among 346 climbers with permits to climb Mount Everest from the Nepal side this season. Further details were not available and the bodies remained high up on the mountain.

A Japanese climber has died during his eighth attempt to climb Mount Everest.

On his official blog, Kuriki's office reported he would descend from a point of 7,400 meters because he was in bad shape. He was found dead while sleeping in a tent at camp 2, which is at 24,278 feet.

Tika Ram Gurung of Bochi-Bochi Trek in Kathmandu, which organized Kuriki's expedition, said Kuriki was descending from 7,400 meters when he slipped and died.

But, with the number of visitors wanting to climb Everest more than doubling in two decades and more than 340 foreign climbers trying to climb Everest this month alone, the number of Sherpa guides has not kept up.

Nepali mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa spinds prayer wheels at Boudhanath Stupa where he has a rented room on the outskirts of Kathmandu.- Two Nepali Sherpas broke their own world records for the most Everest
Image Kami Rita is from a family of mountaineers many of whom have climbed Everest

"Sherpas found his body inside the tent", Shrestha said.

"I feel the pain and difficulty of this mountain", a post said.

Kuriki was a known mountaineer who climbed many mountains and made several attempts on Everest.

Kuriki suffered severe frostbite during an ascent in 2012 and lost nine digits.

Almost 350 climbers have been given permits to climb the Everest this year, assisted by more than 500 Nepali guides and porters.

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